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Why Invest in Company Driver Training? - A Few Facts.

Reduce your risk with DRIVE HQ Statistics dont always tell the full story,but every year too many people are killed or seriously injured at work.

Fleet Training - a Business Issue

Work-related road accidents are much more expensive than many employers realise. The cost is much more than the garage bill for your vehicle and much less might be covered by insurance than you have assumed.

Fleet Training - a Legal Issue.

DRIVE HQ will risk assess and train Company car drivers.... Employers have a ‘duty of care’ for the safety of employees at work, regardless of the type or size of the business.

Fleet Driver Training - Not Sure? Try a Free Risk Assessment!

IF you are not absolutely convinced of all the proven benefits of Fleet Driver Training, try a FREE risk assessment with one of your Drivers with DRIVE HQ.

Company Amazed by Fuel Savings.

A local company recently invited me in to outline the benefits of Fleet Training.. They were amazed by the saving they could achieve!

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